How it works

PFMBlue uses a unique, proven New Zealand developed world first technology to clean your fuel to it's molecular level

Fuel conditioning at this level removes water content and destroys the “bugs” that cause major fuel contamination, engine failure and increase maintenance costs, not just with the engine, but through entire fuel systems and storage. Non-toxic, eco-friendly technologies make the GP Series diesel fuel conditioning units a world first.

This is the result of development and testing being done by International and local laboratories. This unique technology will ensure your diesel fuel system and engine receive the all-important clean dry diesel fuel, free of damaging diesel bug contamination, especially with modern common rail engines.

Our Fuel Conditioning Units have been developed utilising a magnetic field to pull the diesel bug microbes apart and this then stops the diesel bug from forming into a sludge.

Our units have 2 key components.

  • A magnetic field created by a series of magnets.
  • A specialised light source known as "Electromagnetic Photochemistry"

A simple explanation of the functions of these two components is that the magnetic field breaks up the linked microbes and their outer shell at which point the intense light source penetrates and kills the living microbes.

Our units come in a range of models suitable for engines and polishing systems of all sizes, from 1/4" to 2" fuel lines. Contact us for the right size for your requirements.