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GP 600 Recirculation installed for 3 years in an Auckland Bakery servicing both New Zealand and export markets, continually assisting with Power reliability maintaining production in Power Grid outages.

Determining the fuel consumption of a generator can be difficult. While the manufacturer will claim certain levels of fuel consumption, this will depend on usage because the numbers depend on how you use the generator. The amount of electrical power produced by the generator is in direct proportion to the amount of fuel it consumes. The more power is needed, the more fuel will be used.

Western Australian company GENSET HIRE AND SALES AUSTRALIA approached us with an interest in our Fuel Recirculation Units capabilities for the treatment of fuel stored in tanks they sell and rent to their wide range of clients in Western Australia.

A GP6000 Commercial unit was chosen and delivered to them, the unit was our first with the optional "BMX" Style Fold Away Cart Wheels for ease of movement on the various surfaces they are required to attend.

Bula Vinaka,

After PFMBlue the visit to Fiji this week, we would like to thank the organisations who participated in the demonstrations of PFMBlue’s technology and its potential application to your business by assisting in its reliability.

As shown the developed technology will clean fuel to its molecular level to remove water content and destroy “bugs” that cause contamination, engine failure and higher maintenance costs, we look forwards to future involvement with those participated, the positive results from the use of the PFM equipment we look for forwards to hearing.

Pistons, piston rings, bearing’s (brass, steel and cast aluminium) and all other sliding parts must withstand large friction forces and pressures in the combustion engine, the introduction of carbon increases wear within these engines.

With modern engine designs and with the development of smaller lighter engines delivering this power to the flywheel, engines are now very powerful for their size, Good oil quality is now more essential.

Improved fuel combustion in Deisel Engine, cleaner oil at oil changes.

Our GP08B until was chosen for install on a 2009 LandCruiser located in the Upper Hunter Shire of New South Wales, Australia. The vehicle is located at an altitude above 850 meters.
Fuel used comes from a small volume above ground hold tank that is exposed to direct sunlight and atmospheric conditions, also regional fuel stations are used.
Roads driven on are both dirt and paved roads, with 80% of driven roads being in undulating country, often towing loads such as horse floats.

A summary of previous reports are as follows.

Pre install Fuel consumption was just over 10 litres/ per 100 km when used carrying no loads, travelled same tar sealed roads, majority travelled of roads of good quality inclines and surfaces.

15th Jan 2022 install

Immediate results noted engine running very noticeably quieter, smoother and had more "power" when used on tar sealed inclines.

10th March 2022

Fuel consumption dropped to 8.5 litres / per 100 km.

The engine is still very noticeably quieter, consistent increased engine performance noted.

The GP-600 is the latest addition to our Fuel Recirculation range of products. This unit, we believe, is the smallest and most affordable unit on the market.

Its capabilities of assisting you in ensuring your fuel supply, of volumes of up to 5,000 litres, are cleaned and maintained to today’s all-important ISO4406 standard, assisting you in reliable operation of machinery.

Good examples of situations for this unit type is the bulk storage of fuels required for vessels, rural fuel storage, remote power generation, quarry operations, etc.

PFMBlue's range of products can incorporate the following when applicable.

1/ System Start and Stop is expandable with 2 of “Key Fob” style remotes. (GPC, Commercial Range only)

2/ "BMX" Style Cart wheels for ease of movement on undulating surfaces. (GPC, Commercial Range only)

3/ BMS Interconnection : IO Run Stop Fault with Filter Alarm 4 Output, Cabinet leak 1 output

4/ SMS Text Message Monitoring : Fault with Filter Alarm 4 Output, Cabinet leak 1 output

5/ Range of 316 Stainless Steel Control Cabinets for harsh environments.