A New Zealand Pilot Vessel, Hart Marine and PFMBlue

A New Zealand Pilot Vessel, Hart Marine and PFMBlue

Australian boat builders, Hart Marine of Melbourne has chosen and installed PFMBlue technology on its latest build for another New Zealand client, delivering a very high quality composite Pilot Vessel.

The ORC173 with a waterline length of 16.75 meters weighing in at 22,000kg is powered by twin 16.1 litre Volvo D16’s to achieve the maximum required 30 Knots when required.

For these main engines utilizing the high pressue Common Rail fuel injection system, GP16B’s were selected.

An important factor is the vessels operational requirment of the main engines and generator (GP06B) is the delivery of high quality of fuel by the vessels fuel systems, assisting the crew with reliability, safely delivering and reteiving Ships Pilots in transfer situations.

These tranfers are completed upto and including rough seastates and close quarter operations with large ships.

This is now the third port operating in the South Island of New Zealand to have both Hart Marine and PFMBlue for their pilot vessels, thank you Hart Marine.

To view their operations please use the following link https://hartmarine.com.au