GP600-LP Unit, ideal for the processing of your 2500 to 10,000 Litre fuel storage tanks.

GP600-LP Unit, ideal for the processing of your 2500 to 10,000 Litre fuel storage tanks.

GP600-LP Unit:
PFM’s GP600-LP UVHLM DREST, Diesel Dehydrating, REcirculating & STerilising unit was developed to meet the needs of bulk fuel users in search of an efficient and reliable method to ensure their stored fuel is always in optimum, clean dry usable condition.
The GP600-LP unit is rated at 10 Litres per minute (600 LPH), and designed to process 5000 litres of fuel in a single eight hour continuous operating cycle. The GP600-LP is suitable for tank volumes between 2500 and 10,000 Litres.
Diesel fuel requires good housekeeping practice for it to remain usability past the fuel companies expected stored life of 12 months. Frequent agitation and movement; constant removal of water and particulates, will give your fuel the best chance of an extended life. Regular testing of fuel samples for water and microbial contaminants is important to insure the safety of your value equipment.
PFM recommends using the PFM GP recirculating systems to complete three to four “turnovers” of the stored fuel volume each week.
The PFM programme not only ensures that the fuel is constantly moved and agitated, but also allows our UVHLM numerous opportunities to expose colonies of any bacterial cells present to the destructive effects of the UV radiation. In doing so will maintain the fuel at Category A1 quality levels, almost indefinitely.

UVHLM “The Power of UV”:
PFM In-line and Recirculating units are equipped with our patented, High Intensity Ultraviolet light arrays. That kill bacterial and yeast cell’s. The strong magnetic fields generated in the UVHLM sterilisation chamber work to disturb and shred the fluid molecules as the fuel is drawn through, complementing the work of the UV light.
These two actions not only sterilise microbial contaminants but also dehydrate to reduce suspended and free water contamination, yielding clean, dry diesel fuel.
The by-products of these processes are non-toxic and either burnt during combustion or captured in the filtration process.

Particulate Filtration to ISO [14/13/11]:
We use element filter that available down to 2m.

Installation and Use:
The PFM CIP system is designed to be almost a “fit and forget” addition to the customer’s fuel system.
Once installed and commissioned, the unit needs only scheduled servicing. 3 cut outs which monitor the drip tray, filter and UV unit will alert staff if there is an issue.
Basic control panel allows to user to select the operating cycle duration and to schedule the number of days between cycles. Designed for new single tank install where we start with a clean diesel.

Standard System Specifications:

10 Litres per minute – 600 Litres per Hour – 1.0 cubic metres per hour 2.2 UK Gallons per minute – 132.00 UK Gallons per Hour

1/2” BSP Inlet – 3/4” BSP Outlet

240 Volt AC, 50 Hz Single Phase

Piushi easy-open filter housing 180 mm dia x 815 mm with. high-capacity filter easily achieving better than ISO 4406 14/13/11 rating. 100l/min Flow Rate.

Filters Micron Rating available 5um,10um, 25um, 50um, 90um, 120um

PFM Proprietary Sterilising Treatment Chamber; Anodised Finish, multiple High Intensity
Ultraviolet Light Banks with High Strength Permanent Magnet. 3/4” BSP.

Control Box: Compact Design - IP 65 Rated, CE compliant Switch Enclosure 240V AC/50hz 10A Fused Power Connection.

Sensors and Controls: Drip tray cut out and differential pressure across filter. Single channel Control box to control motor start and stop, suitable for single tank installations.

PUMP: 1/2 BSP Self-priming gear pump rated for continuous duty. IP55 and thermal protection standard. Flow Rate: 10 litres/min, (600 litres/hr) 3.5 Amp, 1,000 rpm , Max 40 dB noise level. Max Head: 2 metres without non-return valve or 4 metres with non-return valve. Max Run Length: 6 metres (plus suction head) Duty: Continuous, thermal overload protected. IP55