1HZ Landcruiser install for improved towing performance.

1HZ Landcruiser install for improved towing performance.

Another Landcruiser install completed.

The 1998 Cruiser owner choose the GP08B to be installed as past experience with fuel issues in remote Australia had created his want for an improved fuel system, further protecting the engine for moisture and bacterias causing filter blockages and engine performance issues.

The fuel system had previously been fitted with an alarmed water trap pre-filter and the PFMBlue unit was an additional precaution for the remote and very isolated areas travelled Alpine, desert and tropical.

The 6 cylinder 1HZ Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 litre Diesel mechanically fuel injected engine was immediately noticed to be "a lot more bloody quieter". The comfort level improvement on long road trips was seen as being worth the install.

As the Ute had recently had a canopy and other items added fuel records were not known, but we are confident the experience he has towing his camp trailer and adventuring equipment will be suitably improved.

We are looking forwards to progress reports....