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NABS Engineering actively promote reliable, green, socially conscious, and cost-effective products and services. Growing its business with the same quality, integrity, and honesty that goes into the craftsmanship of all our products and services.

Operating from its modern 2,500 ft2 fully equipped workshop facility in Singapore NABS offers PFMs products to some of the most demanding geographical locations in that region assisting the clients to operate their businesses as seamlessly reliably as possible.

PFM welcomes Terry Gropp to enhance our presence in the Australian Maritime and Defence Industries.

With time served in the Royal Australian Navy, achieving the rank of Chief Petty Officer, this has provided Terry the required experience for his professional career.

Terry has an extensive and well-founded background championing strategic initiatives with his expertise in preparing bids and tenders for the Australian defence industries and other associated maritime infrastructure fields.

Onboard Electrical Ltd are based in the Coomera Marine Precinct, specialising in both the private and commercial marine sectors, where qualified marine electricians can service, install and provide custom designs to very high marine standards ensuring reliability.
Onboard Electricals fully equipped workshop is well located to produce and supply your vessels individual needs.

This is a unit we have developed designed and built to assist in the reduction of moisture in ships using 180 CST Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oil.
As the moisture content increases a decrease in the efficiency of fuel oil is experienced. The result of this is not only energy loss, but also an increased moisture content when burnt leads to the corrosion of internal parts of the engine/ boilers and exhaust systems.

The GP-1800 is our latest addition to our Fuel Recirculation range of products. This unit, we believe, is the smallest and most affordable unit on the market.

Its capabilities of assisting you in ensuring your fuel supply, of volumes of up to 10,000 litres, are cleaned and maintained to today’s all-important ISO4406 standard, assisting you in reliable operation of machinery.

Good examples of situations for this unit type is the bulk storage of fuels required for vessels, rural fuel storage, remote power generation, quarry operations, etc.

New Zealand’s Wellington Regional Hospital, is having its stored fuel supply for Emergency Power Generation maintained by 4 of the PFM3000 units. The units manufactured by Proven Fuel Management Ltd utilise the unique PFM patented UV Photochemistry developed in New Zealand.

The units will assist in ensuring the hospital generators are fully operational and fuel is compliant by keeping them as reliable as possible when required.

With modern electronics and systems requiring stable power, clean and compliant fuel is critical.

Vocus New Zealand supplies telco services to government and local government, it has had PFM GP3000 units installed for its expansion of the Auckland located North Harbour data centre. This is to assist in its investment of the delivery of sophisticated and reliable network solutions.

These units have been installed maintaining two newly installed 10,000 litre tanks supplying the required backup generators in the case of power outages or emergency.

A GP08B was fitted to a 2011 4.5 litre common rail diesel Toyota LandCruiser GL, fitted with long-range tanks.

A stable voltage ignition circuit was used, all pipework was securely fastened with pipe route, and unit located in most practical area away from engine vibrations and radiated heat sources.

The image shown is a GP06B recently installed on a Nissan Patrol with a ZD30 (DDTi) Engine. The Unit is installed and located between the fuel tank and the fuel filters. The power is drawn from a stable power source on an ignition circuit.
The reason the unit was installed was that recently fuel had been contaminated with “Deisel Bug” causing engine filters to block and require frequent cleaning until another fuel filter could be sourced.

It’s packed with important nutrients like calcium, potassium, and B Vitamins, now PFM is assisting in getting it to you.

Made to Order PFM packages for units are now being installed at various locations across Fonterra's New Zealand’s Dairy industry, assisting them in fuel reliability.

As it holds a firm foothold in a substantial share of the world’s dairy exports, its faith in our technology is proving we are taken seriously when reliability is essential at critical times in production.