PFMblue’s high standard of manufacture provides you with asset protection and reliability in the harshest of environments

Reduced Emissions

In all testing our unique technology using New Zealand independent accredited testing facilities has found the key pollutant gas components have fallen up to 30% and some beyond in tests. This is an aspect of our technology we have great pride in and are currently focusing our research further testing both based in New Zealand and offshore underway. As tests and official test results are finalised, they will be provided.

Reduced Maintenance

The removal of emulsified water content cannot be achieved to levels our technology can achieve. The removal of this emulsified water content reduces injector wear, common rail pump damage, algal growth that requires on-going maintenance beyond the engine. This causes carbon (black exhaust) resulting from poor ignition causing exhaust clogging, carbon wash on cylinder walls, all of this causes wear from the crank bearing to the turbo. Expensive, tank and pipework repairs, replacing or flushing and cleaning operations, filter housing, vessel and machinery paint and surface maintenance from carbon deposits. These reduced emission also keep the environments the machinery work in clearer such as warehouses, tunnels, and building surfaces that all require cleaning.


The units have no moving parts and all components and technology has have the key focus of quality the result being it’s careful well thought out design, all materials carefully selected, and the technology developed to take its life to a maximum and its maintenance to a minimum.

You will see 80,000 hours of life from the units, it’s non-restrictive to flow does not have an  effect other essential components, its solid build and high quality ensures that equipment it’s protecting has reliability and smart, proven technology protecting it.