Fuel quality protection & reliability in the harshest of environments

Benefits of PFM Blue Fuel Units

  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel tank protection from moisture levels
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Eliminate Fuel Bug
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Protects tanks and system components from bacteria causing oxides that can eat through your tanks and filter housings

How it works

PFMBlue uses a unique, proven, New Zealand developed world first technology to clean your fuel to its molecular level. Fuel conditioning at this level removes water content, destroys the “bugs” that cause major fuel contamination, engine failure and increase maintenance costs not just with the engine but through entire fuel systems and storage.

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We have had a PFM Unit on a 320hp 3208T caterpillar engine in our Pelin Columbia planing Launch for around 2 years (approx 1200 hours). There was evidence of bug in the sightglasses on the fuel tank when we first bought the boat. Due to the high fuel return rate this has cleared up significantly. The engine now runs and starts superbly and relying on a single engine installation reliability is paramount. The exhaust emissions are also noticeably cleaner. Our next move is to install a polishing system to rotate the fuel through our mighty PFM Blue unit while the boat is not in use.

Long story short, we would not be without it!

~ Matt Mitchell

Recent News

GP600-LP Unit:
PFM’s GP600-LP UVHLM DREST, Diesel Dehydrating, REcirculating & STerilising unit was developed to meet the needs of bulk fuel users in search of an efficient and reliable method to ensure their stored fuel is always in optimum, clean dry usable condition.
The GP600-LP unit is rated at 10 Litres per minute (600 LPH), and designed to process 5000 litres of fuel in a single eight hour continuous operating cycle. The GP600-LP is suitable for tank volumes between 2500 and 10,000 Litres.

Another Landcruiser install completed.

The 1998 Cruiser owner choose the GP08B to be installed as past experience with fuel issues in remote Australia had created his want for an improved fuel system, further protecting the engine for moisture and bacterias causing filter blockages and engine performance issues.

The fuel system had previously been fitted with an alarmed water trap pre-filter and the PFMBlue unit was an additional precaution for the remote and very isolated areas travelled Alpine, desert and tropical.

Marine Supplies Asia and its "Direct from Manufacturer" distribution agencies for a wide range of brands, including PFMBlue this particular product this is of great benefit to our customers when needing fuel reliability.

We are trained on the technical aspects of the systems we supply or will endeavour to find the correct answers required.